For the past 20 years in our hunting zone, we have been consistently harvesting some of the largest Canada Moose killed and trophy whitetail deer in Alberta.

Our late season moose hunts take place when the moose rut comes to an end.  Bull moose gather in bachelor groups and are concentrated in key wintering areas that provide food, shelter and water. We have been guiding late season combo moose hunts for the past 20 years and have identified key post rut locations.

This is a primary a bull moose hunt, with opportunity to harvest a trophy Alberta white tail buck or timber wolf. We also hunt for big Alberta bush whitetail deer and wolves on this hunt. The whitetail deer are in full rut during this hunt, and we have found these big bucks start making mistakes and opportunities present themselves when hunting late season moose.


Canada Moose Hunt

Kirk Willberg

I shot this nice bull on the fourth day of my hunt. It will be a Thanksgiving Day I will never forget! Rick and Rita were excellent hosts. We had top notch meals all week. Rick and I cut a good track that morning while driving around and I decided I wanted to go for it. I put the stalk on!  I followed it through a clearcut and into the thick woods. I jumped it out of its bed and put it down as fast as it got up.  Rick has obviously hunted the area for a long time. He knew the surroundings extremely well.

Ray Reynolds

Hi to all of you older and not so old geezers.  I’m 82 years of age and shot my first Alberta moose while hunting with WKO. Rick & I were hunting an old clear cut area during the moose rut season of 2017.  Rick tried his cows call which was answered by a bull.  Grunting continuous, he moved in the direction of the logging road we were on.  Suddenly, he stepped unto the road, saw us and darted across the road.  My 30-06 roared to life propelling a deadly Winchester silver tip into the moose and dropped him to the ground.

Whitetail Deer Hunts Wild Kakwa Outfitters

Brian Huff

On the first day of my hunt with Wild Kakwa Outfitters, I watched a gas line easement in the morning and early afternoon and didn’t see any deer. My guide, Rick Houweling, checked up on me at 2:00pm and asked if I wanted to move. He found a spot that had a lot of sign and felt it needed hunting right away. Just hours before, he setup a portable tree stand and cut out some shooting lanes. Once I saw all the huge tracks on the way to the stand, I got so excited that I had to calm myself down.


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