Wild Kakwa Outfitters provides trophy whitetail deer hunts in the Peace River area of Alberta Canada where the big bucks live.

Northwest Alberta is renowned for it’s big bucks.The area we hunt is in the heart of the Peace country, it has many large farms that grow grain and alfalfa. The combination of aspen forests and farmland provides prime habitat for trophy bucks.

The best time to hunt for big bucks is during the last 3 weeks of November when they are rutting. The dominant bucks put on many miles in search of hot does. Our guides will put you in the best possible location to take a trophy Alberta buck. We scout for 2 months before our hunters arrive looking for specific trophy whitetail deer, patterning them.

Our zone is over 3500 square miles and has very low hunting pressure and high populations of whitetail deer. Big Alberta bucks in our area have antlers with lots of mass and score 150 to 190 b+c.

alberta canada deer hunting


Tim Peterson

The first day of my hunt I saw several different bucks. I saw one beautiful 8 point buck the first day I could have shot that was probably around 140. The next day the hunting was slow and I only saw does.  The third day of the hunt I spotted a nice buck probably around 170 but it was too far away and I wasn’t able to get a shot.

Shane Adams

I hunted with Wild Kakwa Outfitters for trophy Whitetail Deer I hunted for 5 days and saw 12 bucks, 18 does and 2 moose.  I killed a huge 180 class buck so I was looking for another big buck. I saw plenty of whitetails and on the fifth day I shot a nice 10 point buck. I have re-booked for another season!

Whitetail Deer Hunts Wild Kakwa Outfitters

Brian Huff

My guide, Rick Houweling, found a spot that had a lot of sign and felt it needed hunting right away. Just hours before, he setup a portable tree stand and cut out some shooting lanes. Once I saw all the huge tracks on the way to the stand, I got so excited that I had to calm myself down.


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alberta canada deer hunting
Whitetail Deer Hunting Wild Kakwa Outfitters
Whitetail Deer Hunting Wild Kakwa Outfitters


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